1310 to 1350 u joint

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  • Moog Universal Joints (U-Joints) by Size. DST would like to introduce you to the ultimate drivetrain addition. Machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards, Moog premium universal joints are another addition to Moog's total undercar solutions.
  • Nov 18, 2013 · 7. Miscellaneous U-joint info I found Series 1310 joints are 3.219 wide with a 1.062 cap (1 1/16") Series 1330 joints are 3.625 wide with a 1.062 cap Series 1350 joints are 3.625 wide with a 1.188 cap 8. Spicer makes "conversion" joints as follows. 1310 to 1350 Spicer # 5-460X 1310 to 1330 Spicer # 5-134X
  • U-Joints. This isn't a standard over-the-counter U-joint. It was specifically designed for today's demands in drag racing, offroad and performance applications. Currently, applications are available to fit the three most commonly used yokes that connect to your driveshaft. Solid-body design with...
  • Universal joint shafts are frequently used to transmit the power from a Diesel engine to the driven unit where the driven unit cannot be flange Nominal torque. Nenndrehmoment. U-joint flange Mechanics flange Spicer flange size Flange SAE J620. Spicer series. 1280 1310 1350 1410 1480 1510 1550.
  • Jul 22, 2010 · In my opinion the 1310 will hold up no problem. The 1310 u joints are used in all jeep aplications and im sure a ton of others but I dont know them. The 1350 is used in 1-ton truck stuff which would be wayyyyyy overkill for what you are doing.
  • SPL U-joint Performance Packs. No matter what conditions you throw at your 4WD vehicle, trust non-greaseable SPL u-joints with the multi-lip seal for premium performance. And when you need it, Spicer 4WD u-joint performance packs have everything for a complete u-joint change-out—with just one part number to order.
  • Conversion U-Joints Use the filters below to help narrow your selection. Free Shipping on all orders over $100.00 within the USA. If you do not see the conversion U-Joints that you are looking for please contact us for assistance. Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am to 4:30 pm EST(574) 287-9650 | E-mail
  • Conversion Universal Joint Suit 1310 To 1350. $66.10. inc. GST. In Stock Buy Now: SKU: STU1647. Brand: Strange. Conversion Universal Joint Suit 1330 (1.0625") To 1350
  • Allstar U-Joint 1310 Series to 1330 Series ALL69034. Performance U-joints are greasable and fit a variety of driveshaft combinations. Universal Joint, 1310 to 1330 Series, 1-1/16 in Cap, Clips Included, Steel, Natural, Each
  • Think about it this way: 1350 joints are only about 30% stronger than 1310's...and since most people are not operating anywhere near the limits of a 1310 joint, adding the extra 30% in strength is solving a problem that doesn't even exist. One other thought, this one on the notion of a fuse in the driveline.
  • 1310 1310 Wheel Joints 1330 & SPL 25 1350 & SPL 30 1350 Wheel Joints 1410 & SPL 36 1480 & SPL 55 ... U-Joint - Outside Snap Rings SPICER 1100 Series, Greasable
  • It's exactly the same as what you have now. If you want to use the 3R U joint and go back to an original 12 bolt seal then get a yoke for a '80 Chevy 1/2 ton truck 12 bolt. If you want to use a 1310 u joint and original 12 bolt seal then get a yoke for a '69 Chevelle or Camaro 12 bolt.
  • 1310 to 1350 series Combination Universal Joints. To connect 1310 series driveshafts or driveline components to 1350 series driveshafts or driveline components. to connect a 1310 slip yoke to a 1350 driveshaft. Two different options for bearing caps.... Option #2....2 bearing caps 1.125 inch (1 1/8) diameter to connect to a Ford 1310 pinion yoke designed for the 1 1/8 inch bearing caps.
  • This is a Ford Motor Company Joint Has 6 caps for ujoint to adapt: Detailed Description: 1310 and 1330 sizes narrow side measures at 3 1/4" wide sid measures a little less than 3 3/4" Has 6 caps for ujoint to adapt.
  • Dana Spicer has been manufacturing U-Joints for well over 50 years and has been a trusted manufacture for many heavy duty and light duty truck builders. Dana Spicer uses only premium materials machined to the highest quality standards in the industry.1310 to 1350 Cross Over U-Joint
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Minecraft more particles modCan be made with ONE of the following U Joint series:. Greaseable Spicer U-joints : 1310 1330 1350; 3R U-joints can be added for an additional cost, call for info. U-Joints are installed and Balanced with Driveshaft. Spicer 7290 to 1310 U-joint. Item #: SPI5-354X. Price: $44.95. Quantity: PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. U-Joint - Inside & Outside Snap Rings DETROIT 7290 to 1310 Series, Greasable
1350 Series Driveline Parts 1350 Universal Joints Part Number Cup Diameter Length (B) Snap Ring Nominal Torque Series Type 2-0053 1.1875 3.625 outside 1350 5-1350X 1.1875 3.625 outside 1350 2-0052 1.1875 3.625 outside 1350 zerk in cap
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  • It has the big 1350 u-joints and a th400 yoke. But you would still need a conversion u-joint to match the yoke on the rearend. It would most likely be a 1350-1310 combination u-joint and should run around $30. Pm me if interested.
  • Jan 19, 2017 · The 1350 U-joint is strong enough that it is no longer your vehicle’s weakest link. Now, your axle or transfer case is the weakest link. And now you are on the trails with a broken axle instead of a broken 1310 U-joint which you could have repaired right there for under $20.
  • Mar 15, 2012 · Most folks run 1310's as you want the u-joint to be your week point instead of your gears. Once you move up to 60's and larger tires 1350's are the way to go. 03-14-2012, 03:43 PM #5

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Mar 05, 2013 · allmost all chevy have small and pontiac have same from 55-79 big get a pontiac firebird rear u-joint (it is a big to small u-joint)use them all the time to get them small chevy to fit. for those who usees 1350 yoke there is a u-joint from 1350 to pontiac drivshaft.use them to get right lenght(1350 is longer )all numbers is on summits website.
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This custom order shaft set includes: Big Spicer 1350 U-Joint, 1350 Trans Yoke, Larger diameter Tubes, 1.5" Forged Strub, 7075 T-6 Aluminum Bearing Mount with Larger Diameter Bearing Id, Telescopic Rear Shaft. The "502" Performer is balanced as a set for maximum smoothness. For 58 -64 Chevrolets.
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MIDWEST CHASSIS 1344 - 1350 COMBINATION U-JOINT . Combination U-Joint Combo Of 331 And 534G Side A: 1.188 Inch Plain Bearing 3.62 Inch Length Side B: 1.125 Inch Grooved Bearing 2.56 Inch Length Grooved Bearings Measured Groove-To-Groove Plain Bearings Measured To Outside Of Cap Bearing Cap Diameter (In) : 1.188 X 1.125 Inch Greaseable : Yes
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Greaseable Replacement U-Joint 1310. Universal Joints that are engineered to ensure longer life for your boat. Non-Greaseable Replacement U-Joint 1350.
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dana no: series: application: sd 5-70-28x: 1610: half round u-joint strap kit: sd 6.5-70-18x: 1710, 1760, 1810: half round u-joint strap kit
  • 219 Posts. #2 • Aug 28, 2013. The 1330 joint is the same diaameter as the 1310 but the same width as the 1350. The 1350 joint is considerably stronger than the 1330. It would be in your best interest to upgrade now and be done with it. 1310 U-Joint Flange 2.85 X 2.45 pattern with a 2.75 pilot . Compare Products. You have no items to compare. My Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart.
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  • General Motors: 1310 Series: Small passenger car, 1/2 & some 3/4 ton trucks. 1310 Series: Small passenger cars & many 1/2 & some early 3/4 ton trucks.
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  • Jul 22, 2010 · In my opinion the 1310 will hold up no problem. The 1310 u joints are used in all jeep aplications and im sure a ton of others but I dont know them. The 1350 is used in 1-ton truck stuff which would be wayyyyyy overkill for what you are doing.
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  • Part Type:U-Joints Product Line:Spicer Drivetrain Products Light Duty U-Joints UPC:23913126346 Greasable:Yes Solid:No Universal Joint Style:Spicer 1310-Spicer 1350 combination Bearing Cap Style:4 plain Bearing Cap Diameter (in) Axis 1:1.063 in. Width Overall (in) Axis 1:3.218 in. Bearing Cap Diameter (in) Axis 2:1.188 in. I am actually running crossjoint joints (1310-1350, probably the ebst or worst of both worlds ) on both axles, 60 front, 14 rear, and 1310 on the CV's and Would be cool to have a "Bobby longdrive" type of product in the future that woudl just deal away with the u-joints Similar to the setup on 60's and yotas.
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  • 1350: Same as Dana 5004010: 3102-188: 1.808: 3.078 sq.402: 1.687: 1310: Toyota Car / 1310 version of 2302-23 with 10mm bolt holes ... 6 bolt holes / Used to replace ...
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